Preventive maintenance plays a key role in the correct functioning of turbines. In fact, periodic checks detect possible structural and component damage, guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency.
The inspection represents the practice for the correct functioning of the turbines and to monitor any structural failures.
Thanks to expert technicians and thanks to the use of specific instruments, it will be possible to verify the general conditions of the blades, nacelle, rotor and tower for optimal functioning.
Inspections are internal and external: ....... 
Drone inspections
Turbine inspection aims to inspect wind farms to ensure correct operation and maximize production. 
An efficient, fast and safe service implemented by a professional and competent staff. The average life of a wind farm is around 25 years but only if it is regularly checked and maintained in the best possible way The deterioration and wear of the structure is accentuated by:
1. strong temperature excursion
2. exposure to sunlight.
Constant and periodic monitoring of a wind farm is necessary
Drone inspections of wind farms allow you to detect signs of wear. Wind turbine blades are constantly subjected to mechanical wear and tear from atmospheric agents, as well as from surface corrosion
Drone inspections aim to:
  • check the structural conservation of the system
  • Identify erosion and general wear with high-resolution cameras and sensors
  • identify defects and/or electrical malfunctions
  • check for any assembly errors
  • fault detection and determination of the fault location
Drone inspections allow you to:
limit the damage
anticipate and resolve any anomalies in time
eliminate the risks to which workers and plant workers are exposed.
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